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Primavera Tools

PRIMAVERA Project Management is the main tool chosen by PROJEXIA INTERNATIONAL to manage its project planning. Its portfolio management aspect combined with its planning aspect provides a macro view of the company's projects as well as a detailed view of each project.


The detailed implementation process for the use of Primavera Project Management provides a well-honed and efficient working methodology, from planning techniques (resources/progress) to standardized reporting tools and schedule analysis indicators. The tool and the processes are focused on a practical approach and are adapted to each type of user by means of specific profiles for each task.


Moreover, PRIMAVERA Project Management ensures, by its architecture, conformity with PMI standards and enables the implementation of PMO planning methods.


In terms of pure planning, PRIMAVERA Project Management enables you to:

  • Create the master schedule;

  • Allocate resources / costs / expenditure to the schedule;

  • Save a baseline;

  • Monitor the progress of tasks and resources;

  • Generate reports and analysis indicators (value gained, performance, etc.).